What is the Glazz Ensemble?

The Glazz Ensemble is an exciting musical group from Chicago. Driving rhythms, daring harmonic interplay and improvisation define the Glazz sound. Jazz, funk, Latin and rock grooves find their way into the music at every turn. Each show is a true pleasure for jazz lovers...and people new to jazz. One listen and you'll be a fan.

Visit us on the following sites for additional member updates!

Billy Denk - www.billydenk.com
Jazz on the Square - www.jazzonthesquare.com

The Glazzmen

Curt Johnson | keyboards
Bryan Kyrouac | saxophone
Billy Denk | guitar
Jim Seidel | bass
Fred Faller | drums

Frequent Contributors

Phil Ciancio | saxophone, flute
John Nelson | trumpet
Graham Butler | drums
Judith Honesty | vocals
Paul Abella | percussion
Daniel Villarreal-Carrillo | drums
Cortez Bryson | drums